Body Champ Inversion Table: Is It As Good As They Say?

Inversion tables are becoming progressively popular because of the natural way it provides relief for people suffering from chronic back and joint pain. So here we are revealing facts about one of the most recognized inversion tables on the market today, the Body Champ. We include its strengths and weaknesses plus real user experiences so you could not only make an informed but a smarter decision as well.

What Is The Body Champ?

The Body Champ IT8070 is an inversion table designed to decompress and elongate the spine to relieve pressures and aches on your spine and nerve roots. It is used to help relieve back pain and stress and improve posture and blood flow.

How Does It Work?

Like all other inversion tables the Body Champ works by taking gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and disks in your spine and increases the space between vertebrae. It accomplishes that by gradually inverting your body until you are almost completely upside down.

How To Use It

The unit is very easy to use. You simply rest your body against the table, lock your feet into the ankle supports, then stretch your arms out over your head. This movement will cause you to slowly invert and the angle of your inversion is easily controlled by using the safety strap. If you want to go back to the starting position, the U-shaped handrails will make the motion easy for you. With the Body Champ, you can invert to full 90 degrees which is not often possible with inferior inversion tables.



While all inversion tables share similar concept and are created for the purpose of relieving back and joint pains, the comfort, features, and durability vary among brands. The following are features of Body Champ IT8070:

  • Dimension. Measuring 55-1/2 by 29-1/2 by 57-7/8 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 50 pounds.
  • Capacity. The unit is capable of accommodating users weighing up to 250 pounds and within the height range of 4’7” to 6’8”.
  • Comfort. Designed with ankle adjustment, 4 foam rollers to help cushion ankles, and high-density foam cushion.
  • Safety. The Body Champ has a safety strap allowing you to control inverting angles, U-shaped handrails for added security, and safety lock to keep the table in place when it is not in use.
  • Storage. Ideal for those with limited space – you can fold the unit if not in use.


  • Easy to assemble and use. Putting it together is not complicated. It includes detailed instructions on how to assemble it and the steps are very straightforward, you will not need any help.
  • Construction. Although the table frame is more suitable for average size users considering it is lightweight, the unit is stable and durable.
  • Comfort and safety. It is built with several features ensuring user’s comfort and safety which are critical to the efficiency of any inversion table.


  • Size. It is rather bulky and will not fit under your bed but it is foldable so you can easily put it unobtrusively in the corner of your room.
  • Not for heavy users. Because the table frame is lightweight, it is more ideal for average weight and size users.

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