Inversion tables


What is an inversion table?

Aging, work pressure, and stress can lead to several pain -related conditions for which your life can become slow and tiresome! An inversion table which is a scientifically proven solution to such problem is an exercise machine that could relieve the pressure and pain in your body naturally. By working out through the inversion table, you can use the power of gravity by hanging yourself in an inverted or upside down position where you would then release the pressure normally applied to the spine.

This is turn results in the elimination of back pain and refining of the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, and lymphatic systems of the human body. This therapy saves you from going through surgical procedures and makes the heart recover from physical strain. However, doctors advise not to use this machine if you already have existing hypertension, diabetes, and heart problems.

What is it good for? 

These tables are not only convenience for anyone who is suffering from back pain but also for others who wish to start building their body’s resistance and strength. For long lasting results, this affordable equipment can bring peace to your body and mind. Since using this machine does not require you to go through any artificial process, it is completely safe without any related side effects. The table works as a relief by relaxing the internal organs. Most of all, it improves your health significantly by reducing back pain, increasing blood flow, reducing stress, and improving postures.

What are the 5 benefits of an inversion table?

Once you start using the inversion table, you will start seeing the benefits for yourself:

1. Reduces Back Pain and Increases Blood Flow

With the use of this machine, you can relieve your spine of pain in a natural way, as opposed to surgery which is extremely expensive. Since back pain is a recurring problem, the use of an inversion table will help it reduce and keep it under control. Since you remain upside down, the blood flows against the gravity which increases its flow and plays an important role in helping the organs function efficiently.

2. Improves the Body’s Flexibility and Posture

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, the use of the inversion table with particular exercise routines will keep your body flexible by requiring you to stretch your arms and legs and keep the joint disc hydrated. It will also improve your body’s posture by stretching and aligning the neck and spine, thus keeping the discs in their proper position.

3. Lowers Stress by calms the Nerves

As blood flows against gravity in the inverted position, it immediately reaches your brain and assists it to function properly. As a result, the stress levels reduce, the body calms and the benefits of these include among other things, a peaceful night’s sleep. It also helps regulate your hormones that work towards responding to the stress and providing a relaxed body. Additionally, it has been proved to be beneficial for the sciatica nerve where the tightened muscles are relaxed when exercised with this machine thus relieving existing pain.

4. Joint Health Fosters

Suitable for both the young and the old people, the inversion table assists in improving the joints throughout the body. It enables the knee, ankle, shoulder, and hip joints to relax by reducing the pressure having the body in an upside down position.

5. Naturally Heals the Body Over Time

Compared to surgeries and other exercises, a therapy session using an inversion table is highly effective. Using this machine frequently relaxes your body releasing all the pains and stresses in. Since this is a natural way to heal the body, it works faster than other medical therapies and surgeries.

Having several significant benefits, it is no doubt that the inversion table could bring in several health benefits along with keeping your sound, fit, relaxed, and happy.